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Hoplon Instructions

Upon Receiving the Watch
Slide the beige tab of the saffiano box to reveal your watch along with your warranty certificate. Remove the clear transparent cover from the front and the rear of the watch (where the glass is in the front and the back).
Winding the Watch
For this particular model, regular wrist movement or rotating your wrist back clockwise and anti-clockwise will keep it wound.

Please do not to overexert the wrist winding process as the mechanical movement is made out of many intricate parts.

You can also rotate the crown in the clockwise direction without pulling it out to wind it up.
Setting the Time
Rotate the crown to the clockwise position without pulling it out. This will ensure the crown isn't loose before setting the time.

Pull out the crown and turn it anti-clockwise to set the secondary time (in the 9 o'clock position). Make sure the Day/Night complication is in the correct position according to AM/PM. Go through this process slowly to avoid missing the time you wanted. Setting secondary time, all the time, is not necessary since it can be tedious to set the time everytime the watch spring loses power. We recommend using this function for when you need to keep track of international time.

Next, turn your crown clockwise, with crown pulled out, to set the primary time (the main time in the dial).

Push the crown back in and adjusting the time is now set!
Water Resistance Precautions
Hoplon comes with 3 ATM / 30M water resistance. Please ensure the crown is fully pushed in before any water exposure. Any water damage the occurs is due to crown not being sealed, or due to poor watch servicing. All our watches are fully tested in the pressure chamber before being sent to you.

Please avoid salt or salt water in general as corrosion of parts can occur causing aesthetic damage or deterioration of parts over time.
Avoiding Magnetism
Keep your watch away from magnets to prevent inaccurate timekeeping. Due to fine moving parts inside the watch, it could cause inaccuracy or cause damage to the watches depending on the strength of the magnetic intensity.
Regular Maintenance
Mechanical watches require periodic servicing. Consult your local watch service center for recommended service intervals. We recommend a period of every 2-5 years of service to ensure maximum longevity, depending on usage.
Storing the Watch
When not in use, store the watch in a cool, dry place. This is to ensure that oils and lubricants in the watch do not dry out.
Avoiding Shock and Impact
Protect your watch from strong impacts or shocks. Remove it during activities where it might be subject to extreme forces.
Warranty & Insurance
Your Hoplon watch comes with complimentary 2 year manufacturing warranty and 2 year insurance plan to make sure your experience with us is as pleasant as possible. However, your watch does need to be registered to take advantage of this. The warranty covers you from any manufacturing defects of the watch and the insurance covers the watch from daily wear and tear, damages, or watch being lost.

You warranty certificate plays a crucial part in this, so please do not throw it away since we cannot identify the watch if you decide to do so.

Please refer to our warranties & insurance section to get more details.
Enjoying Your Timepiece
Your mechanical watch is a precision instrument. Enjoy wearing it and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each moment it measures.
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